Blake Riley and Co.
"Your one stop trendy shop'

Welcome to Blake Riley and Co! Are you looking for unique and trendy fashion items at a reasonable price? Blake Riley and Co. is the one-stop shop for you. We think fashion can be fun and affordable. We offer our customers the exclusiveness that they’re looking for by only stocking a limited supply of each item, making it possible to truly stand out from the crowd. Our products come from around the world, giving you the opportunity to have a diverse collection of fashion items in your closet once you make a purchase through our website.

In addition to items from all over the globe, you will also find amazing pieces from local designers. We believe that even designers who are just starting out deserve the opportunity to shine in the fashion world. Take advantage of their unique fashion pieces! Throughout our entire collection of items, you will find consignment and designer items. No matter if you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or shoes – we have what you need. Blake Riley and Co. really is a true one stop shop!

Take a look around and see all that Blake Riley and Co. has to offer. You will not only find some of the best offerings in the fashion world, but you will also be able to take advantage of great and affordable prices.

Are you local........?
Contact us for trunk show information and our signature fashion parties where you bring the ladies and we'll bring the fashion!! Schedule your fashion party TODAY!!!!!!


(980) 272-7806

Hours: (Eastern Standard Time)

Monday 10am- 7pm
Tuesday 10am- 7pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10am- 7pm
Friday 10am- 7pm
Saturday 9am- 6 pm
Sunday CLOSED (Appointments Only)

*Closed on major holidays